Alliance Productions Mobile Production Services MU6 - Hiawatha

53’ Straight HD

Video Production

Grass Valley Kalypso HD Switcher
4 ME 75 input / 48 output, Internal Still-Store
w/ 2 inputs & 8 outputs
GVG HD Internal DPM 6 chs video & key.
HD Primary RGB Color Correction all M/Es
GVG HD KlipCache still store Expansion.
Spektra Lighting, Glow & Defocus Effects.
HD Kurl digital effects, HD doubletake
  splittable M/E
Abekas DVEous MX with 6 HD inputs.

Tape / Servers

(1) 6 Ch EVS LSMXT(2)
(1) 4 Ch EVS LSMXT(2)
(1) 4 Ch EVS ROXT(2)
EVS XT2 Spot Box w/ Lance controller
EVS X-File3
EVS NetGuard Hub networking system
(1) Panasonic AJ-1400 HD DVC PRO
(1) Sony HDW M2000 HDCAM deck
(2) Sony DVW M2000 DigiBeta
(1) Sony BVW D-75 Beta SP
(2) DVD Player/Recorder (DVD-R)
*wired for 12 machines

System Equipment

QuStream PESA 256x, 128x208 HD SDI router
10 AJA FS-1 UDC, 8 Fortel UDC
TAC-4 Fiber (ST Termination)
4 Telecast Rattler Kits

Cameras / Lenses

(8) Thomson LDK-8000 HD World Cams
(8) Thompson OCP400 Control Panels
  (wired for 12 cameras)
(2) JVC GY-HD250 "Clock-Cams"
(6) Vinten Vector 70 heads
(6) Vinten Heavy Duty Sticks
(4) Cartoni Delta heads/sticks
(4) Angenieux 70x9.5 HD Lenses (semi-servo)
(2) Angenieux 60x9.5 HD Lenses (semi-servo)
(3) Angenieux 26x7.8 BESM-HD Lenses
(1) Angenieux 19x7.3 BESM-HD Lenses
(1) Angenieux 22x7.7 w/.08 extender
* on request


Chyron HyperX3 Graphics System
Codi telestrator (SD) Upconverted
(on request)

Intercom Communications

RTS Adam CS w/RJ12 56 port system
RTS Systems 12 Ch IFB System
Lucent Technologies 9 Line Phone system
EEG Closed Captioning Decoder
EEG EN530 HD Closed Captioning Encoder
EM480 Closed Captioning Encoder/Decoder


Calrec Omega with Bluefin 56 Fader
128 AES , 64 Analog Inputs/Outputs
PESA DRS audio router 128x128 analog,
  256x256 AES
(2) 360 Systems Digicart E
Tascam CD Recorder & Player
Genelec Monitoring
Dolby DP570,  DP571,  DP572, DP563
DBX 166XL Compressor/Limiters
2 Rane AVA22D Alignment Delay
DK Audio Master Stereo Display MSD600++
Stereo Synth SRS
(8) Sennheiser HMD25-1 Annc Headsets
(4) Shure Beta 58A Mics
(4) Shure SM81LC Hand Mics
(6) Shure VP64AI Hand Mics
(8) Sony ECM77B Lavs
(6) Sennheiser ME67/K6 Shotgun Mics
(6) Sennheiser ME66/K6 Shotgun Mics
(1) Shure VP88 Stereo Mic
(6) Daltech TB-2 2 button annc boxes
(24) Telex BP325 Dual Belt Packs
(18) Beyer DT108 headsets
(10) Beyer DT109 Headsets
(2) RTS 2 Ch. Biscuit Boxes
(2) Clear-Com TW12/RTS Inerface
(2) Big Ears Parabs
(6) Motorola HT Radios


(6) 13” Color LCD
(8)  9” Color

Dimensions Power

208-240 V, 3 phase, 200A minimum
Trailer Only 15’x53’
Tractor/Trailer Combo 15’x80’