Alliance Productions Token Creek: Chippewa HD

53’ HD Expando

Video Production

Grass Valley Kayenne HD switcher
  4.5 ME, 90 input / 48 output, internal
  still store w/ 2 inputs & 6 outputs, 16 ch
  internal DPM (iDPM), 6 ch (eDPM)
  doubletake splittable M/E system

Tape / Servers

(2) 6 ch EVS LSM-XT3
(1) 4 ch EVS RO-XT3
EVS XS3 Spotbox w/ Lance
EVS X-File, & NetGuard Hub
EVS XFly 8 realtime record streaming
  portable archive/edit  (upon request)
(1) Sony HDW 1800 HDCAM
(2) Panasonic AJ-1700 DVCPro
(2) DVD recorders
(2) DNF ST-300 Slo-Mo Controllers

System Equipment

(12) Cobalt UDC w/ color correction
(7) Harris X-50 UDC
(4) AJA fido kits
QuStream PESA 256x, 128x256 HD/SDI router
1500' TAC-4 Fiber
1500' TAC-12 Fiber

Cameras Lenses

(10) Grass Valley LDK-8000 HD Elite
  cameras w/ twin base stations (triax or
  single mode)
(4) Grass Valley single mode fiber
  to triax converters
(10) Thomson OCP400 Control Panels
(2) JVC GY-HD750 POV/ENG cams
(4) Fujinon 88x lenses
(2) Fujinon 101x lenses
(2) Fujinon 12x4.5 lenses
(3) Angenieux 26x7.5 lenses
(6) Vinten Vector 75 panheads
(6) Quckset Heavy Duty sticks
(6) Cartoni Delta tripods


Chyron HyperX3
Graphics Outfitters Sketch HD*
  (on request)

Intercom Communications

RTS/Adam-M Intercom System w/ RJ45
  80 port
RTS Systems 12 ch IFB system
(6) Motorola radios + 2 base stations
EEG EN530 CC Encoder
Lucent Technologies 9 line phone system



Calrec Artemis 64 fader audio board
  256x256 MADI, 64x64 Analog,
  128x128 AES
PESA DRS audio router 1024x1024,
  128x128 analog, 384x384 AES, 256x256
  MADI, 256x256 embedded
(2) 360 Systems Digicart E
Tascam CD Player
Surround Processing (Dolby or DTS Neural)
  upon request
(2) RTW TM7 (internal to Calrec Console)
(2) Rane AVA22D Audio Delay
DBX 166XL Compressors/Limiters
(2) Shure VP88 Stereo mics
(6) Sennheiser HMD26 headsets
(6) Daltech TB-22 annc boxes
(4) Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun mics
(6) Sennheiser ME67 shotgun mics
(6) Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mics
(4) Sennheiser MD46
(6) Shure VP64AL hand mics
(8) Sony ECM77B lavs
(24) BP325 beltpacks
(18) Beyer DT108 headsets
(10) Beyer DT109 headsets
(2) RTS 2 ch Biscuit Boxes
(2) Big Ears Parabs (on request)

(6) 15" LCD's

Dimensions Power

56' length x 15' expanded x 13'6" height
  without tractor
80' length x 15' expanded x 13'6" height
  with tractor
208-240v, 200 amp, 3 phase