Alliance Productions Token Creek: Varsity

53’ HD Expando

Video Production

Grass Valley Kalypso Digital
Production Switcher
4 ME 90 input / 48 output
GVG Xform 6 channel DVE w/
perspective, 8 ch stillstore, target
framestore & CPL
Abekas DVEous MX Dual Twin w/
wide range defocus, color correction


Chyron HyperX3
  w/ Lyric Pro software
Chyron CODI Telestrator
  (on request)

Tape / Servers

(2) 6 Ch EVS LSMXT(2)
(1) 4 Ch EVS ROXT(2)
EVS X File 2
EVS Spot Box w/ Lance controller
EVS Sport Net Hub
EVS IP Director
(1) BVW D75 Beta SP
(1) DVW A500 Digibeta
(1) AJ-1400HD DVCPRO
(1) AJ-1700HD DVCPRO
(1) HDW M2000 HDCAM
(1) Dual Deck DVD recorder
(4) DNF controllers
Wired for 10 tape machines

Cameras / Lenses

(10) Grass Valley LDK 8000 Cameras
* wired for 12 cameras
(1) Fujinon 88x Lens
(5) Angenieux 70x9.5HD Lenses
(6) Angenieux 26 x 7.8 Lenses
(1) Angenieux 10 x 5.3 wide angle
(upon request)
(6) Super Expanders


Calrec Sigma w/Bluefin 80x80 mic/line
  64x64 AES, 56 fader
SRS Stereo Sports Processor
Ipod interface
CD Player
(2) Digicart E
DK audio MSD 600 M++ Meter
Dolby DM100 Bitstream Analyzer
Dolby DP563 Pro Logic encoder
Dolby DP572 Dolby E decoder
Dolby DP571 Dolby E encoder
Dolby DP570 Multichannel Audio
Genelec Surround Sound monitoring

Intercom Communications

RTS ADAM intercom 80x80 matrix
12 ch RTS TW external intercom
12 ch IFB system
(4) TIFF-2000 Phone couplers
JK Innkeeper 4-4 line phone hybrid
16 incoming line phone system
(6) Handheld 2-way radios
(2) 2-way radio base stations

System Equipment

All HD monitoring through truck
(20) Fortel routable down converters
(14) Fortel upconverters for external
  feeds all with color correctors, 7 with
  A/D converters, 7 with sidebar inputs
256x256 AES audio
256x256 analog audio
192x288 HD Video
QuStream(Pesa) Router

Dimensions Power

208v, 3 phase, 200A
Trailer Only 16’x53’expanded
Tractor/Trailer Combo 16’x80’